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Yefet Studio - Catalogue

2023 - התשפ"ג

שלום חמסה יפו
Shalom Hamsa Yafo

Walnut , Oak and a bit of light blue come together to form a unique Shalom Hamsa

 Dove & Above - יונה ונער

Choose to be unique by having a

piece of Israeli art with in your place.

life and death in an israeli ying -yang style

שלום חמסה אגוז
Shalom Hamsa Walnut

Walnut Shalom Hamsa like no other

Comes in two sizes

שלום חמסה עכו
Shalem Hamsa Akko

Mediterranean Hamsa in the right tounch

שלום - אלון 
Shalom - Oak

Simply natural

Modern and primitive at the same time

Comes in two sizes

שלום - אגוז 
Shalom - Walnut

Minimal wood work

brings the peace where ever it is

Comes in two sizes

שלום עיגול איבוני

Shalom Circle Ebony

Brings the Typography out

Stands out in the room

Comes in two sizes

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